Header("Content-type: image/gif") help
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Thread: Header("Content-type: image/gif") help

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    Header("Content-type: image/gif") help

    I am having trouble using this command at the top of scripts, it says that all white space should be removed before it and no html code can be before it.

    But i want the image in the middle of a html document.

    Thanks a lot

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    RE: Header("Content-type: image/gif") he

    I think what you're trying to do is the following. You will need at least two PHP scripts. One for the HTML (we'll call it A.PHP), one for the embedded GIF (B.PHP).

    A.PHP does the following-

    embed html and php here
    <img src="/b.php">

    B.PHP does the following-

    Header("Content-type: image/gif")
    ...generate image here...

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