create a branching tree diagram
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Thread: create a branching tree diagram

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    create a branching tree diagram

    I am trying to create dynamic diagrams from database queries that branch like evolution daigrams similar to this page
    except I want the nodes to be links for drilling down, and the branches able to change based on new input/changes in the DB.
    My initial thought was to use images of lines and forks inserted in table format as needed.
    Any ideas how I could do it easier/better?

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    you could use a Java applet driven by a set of dynmically generated params or a flat file serverside... It exists and it works well (sometimes...).
    If you want to do it 100% PHP, I know some people have developed this code but it's a DB IO vampire... will try to locate the link to source...

    Good luck anyway

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    U can Use GD Library functions and draw any tables U like, after generating it U can use map to make needable elements as link.
    sorry for MY bad english

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