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    Writing a Disclaimer

    Does anyone know how to write a disclaimer or what website that gives tips on such a matter?



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    From what I understand, writing a Disclaimer is 90% just making sure you covered your ass in all areas. Many networks go all out on it, some times even using multiple lawyers. However this isn't really needed. It vastly depends on the content you're hosting/providing.

    It gets into more complicated areas if your providing services for the public. Even more so, if your a 2nd or 3rd party network providing someone elses services.

    I had to handle both 1st and 2nd party in my disclaimer, for I redistributed a manual and other content off an role-playing game online. Therefore I had to make sure people understood the difference between mine and 'their' content.

    You also need to make sure that you're not responsible for any websites or their content following links off your site. And of course, your own content. Making sure they understand that if something oddly should happen and their machine break down while they are visiting you site.. or some other oddity that you're not responsible for that either.

    Here's what I wrote for my domain, it's short.. but then I'm not a large network. That's all I needed to be safe.

    "By entering this site, you declare and affirm under the penalties of perjury that you are not a minor nor in the company of a minor and that accessing this site is not unlawful in your local area. You are entering this site of your own free volition and the owner of it accepts no responsibility for any individual's experience within.

    User agrees that he or she will hold LiquidClock.net harmless from all claims that may arise or result from any link to or content found on this domain. Furthermore, the user agrees that LiquidClock.net cannot be held responsible for any damage, claims or any mishaps that may happen to occur from any link leading outside this site.

    User also agrees that all poetry, literature and content is under full copyright protection by their rightful owner, which falls under the 1976 Copyright Act (title 17, U.S. Code). Any copyrighted content cannot be re-used, re-posted in any way or form. Any author who posts their literature of any type falls automatically under the Copyright Act 17, making his literature copyrighted by him. Therefore, no one is allowed to re-use any form of literature, poetry, short stories in any way. The user understands that violating these rules of copyright can lead to legal prosecution in the court of law under the copyright act 17.

    By this statment, you enter the site at your own responsibility."

    And obviously, you'll need 'pre-page' in order to let them know that when they enter they will have agreed to the terms defined by the disclaimer. I hope this helps some? Feel free to use/edit my disclaimer to your needs if you need or want to.

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