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    In my view FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions but also Frequently Answered Questions when it comes to a forum. So here it is.

    First, read the posting guidelines here

    Q. What is Elizabeth's LART?
    A. Looser Attitude Rectification Tool, feared by many, enjoyed by the wicked few.

    Q. What editor do you use?
    A. Many editors...

    Q. Is bumping an acceptable forum practice?
    A. Well it depends how you do it

    Q. How does everyone look?
    A. Some things are not meant to be known, but if u really have to know...

    Q. How old is everyone?
    A. Yes

    Q. What does RTFM mean?
    A. Read the friendly () manual

    Q. What does UTSL mean?
    A. Use The Source Luke

    Q. What does STFW mean?
    A. Search The Friendly Web

    Q. Can I post links to boost my sites??
    A. No

    Q. Can I ask for / offer a job?
    A. rules forbid it

    Q. Is being offensive generally accepted?
    A. We like the odd target practice but try to be nice or you will face concequences beyond the limits of your imagination (Elizabeth will post in your thread )

    Q. How can I improve my subject lines?
    A. Read this

    Q. Can I ask for feedback on my sites?
    A. if you can't take constructive critisizm, don't ask for it. Most of us are professionals in different fields and we take it as our duty to tell you the facts and nothing but the facts, as hard as they may slap someone in the face. It's all for the best.

    Q. I have a form with a textarea. When the user submits the form, the multiple lines from the textarea are all on one line. Why? (contributed by LordShryku)
    A. nl2br! You have to convert the new line characters from the textarea fields to HTML break tags.

    Q. Why are there backslashes all over the place? (contributed by Merve)
    A. Use stripslashes

    Q. Whaaat is your quest?
    A. I seek the Holy Grail

    More to come.

    Have seen frequently asked questions that we did not address here (so far it's pretty easy)? PM moderators.

    This thread is closed so when you read it you don't ask yourself "do I really have to read 12 pages of OT garbage?".

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