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    Question General Help forum FAQ + Bookmarked threads

    Do's / Don't's
    • General Overview
      If it's improper to say something in a public place comprised of mixed races and ages, it's inappropriate to post it here in the forums.
    • Advertising
      We can't allow this in any form. If someone is interested in getting exposure through the site, please contact the administrator via email at . Footers may contain a pitch - it's a bit of a trade-off. The user is contributing to the community and in return they get exposure via their footer. Posting useless stuff and a huge ad in their footers is a complete NO.
    • Off-topic Posts
      Please use the Echo Lounge forum.
    • Footer Size
      We need to limit this to 5 lines. Obviously if there are 20 posts on a page and we allow more, we'll end up with 100 extra lines to scroll when reading messages.
    • Job Posts
      They all go here. Posting them anywhere else will see them deleted, and may earn an infraction.

    Bookmarked links to common questions
    • Register Globals : Let the script behave as if register_globals is on even if it is off.
    • cron: It's for running programs at regular intervals. You can use it for your scripts, too. (Windows has a task scheduler.)
    • Bunkermaster's Debugging 101 thread in the Echo Lounge.
    • planetsim's sister thread to this one.
    • planetsim has also compiled a list of tutorial links.
    • New here? Read the Guidelines and save yourself grief.
    • A WYSIWYG rich text editor (i.e., with formatting) in HTML. It's not PHP, it's Javascript, but it's often asked about, and suggestions are given here, here, and here.
    • Unexpected $end parse errors giving you troubles? Check out this thread.

    • PHP Manual
    • Professional associations, link catalogues, FAQs, script libraries, developers' articles, tutorials, magazines, accelerators/encoders/compilers, editors, hosting, job sites .... you still here?
    • Paul Hudson's Practical PHP Programming.
    • What does 'PHP' mean? Ask the manual this question: whatisphp

    Extra board markup
    • For posting PHP code, put it in [php]...[/php] tags:
      PHP Code:
      "Just some text on line $i\n";

    • For HTML markup, use [html]...[/html] tags:
      HTML Code:
      <form action="upl.php" method="GET">
      	<!-- Go on, you know you want to!-->
      	<input type="text" value="FOO!" />  and then <input type="submit" value="SUBMIT!" />
    • For any other sort of code and stuff for which you want the spacing to remain
      unchanged, use [code]...[/code] tags:
      id | username | passwd
       1 | jsmith   |cae8d14edd025e72c59dbab6f378c95a
       2 | ffoobar  |6cfe61694ee1bb13ae719d47c2f80b7a
       3 | jbloggs  |8fc42c6ddf9966db3b09e84365034357
       4 | hseldon  |e82df739dd8c84c8ae105b514f4c10df
       5 | dolivaw  |ee78917d603a33bace64c504bc8c291e
      moo \/-------\
           ||     | \
           ||---W||  *
    • To stop the board software parsing board markup tags you don't want it to, wrap them in [noparse] ... [/noparse] tags. This works for smilies, too :).
    • Please use these, as they make code much easier to read!

    Other information
    • If you feel that we missed out some. Just PM moderators of this forum.
    • When you have got your problem solved please click the "Mark Thread Resolved" in the "Thread Tools" drop-down. This makes it easier for people go to threads where there are more chances of them finding a working solution.

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