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    Book recommendation!

    I am currently reading PHP Objects , Patterns and Practice after some nice reviews I saw in a forum but I really find it too theoritical with little or no code practice.
    Can you suggest me another book on php?
    Thank you.

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    I think that's a superb book for helping you to grasp OOP concepts, though it may take more than one read for some of it to soak in.

    If you want lots of code, you could look at PHP 5 Social Networking by Michael Pea**** (my review). It does not cover many of the things in Zandstra's book, but it does provide a good example of how you can build a fairly major project with object-oriented PHP.

    PS: Geez, I think this forum's profanity filter is perhaps a bit over-zealous?
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    that's funny Michael Pea**** - looks ruder than it would without the stars
    or do I just have a childish sense of humour

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