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Thread: New Projects : Announce here

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    Aug 2012
    Hi everybody,

    so with my first post I would like to announce a new project.


    From the Description it sas:
    Sweany is a performance-orientated and programmer-friendly MVC framework for PHP. The current downloadable version comes with a bb-code forum and a contact form, both implemented as plugins. These are shipped as examples as there is no documentation yet.

    It is released under Gnu GPL

    The features are as follows:
     * Pages (Model, View Controller based)
     * Blocks (Model, View Controller based)
     * Layouts (Model, View Controller based)
     * Tables (map the database structure)
     * Plugins (have Pages, Blocks and Tables)
     * Vendors (needs proper testing)
     * Helpers (various integrated helper classes)
     * Sophisticated HTML Form creation/validation (even automated validation against database entries)
     * Supports different languages on the fly (via adding xml files)
     * Integrated user management (groups still to come)
     * Validator mode
     * Syslog (Internal Debug Mode to monitor performance and engine calls)
     * Fast core (a single file holds everything to reduce disk loading times... needs to be pushed)
    A basic wiki already exists here:

    And the latest code can be fetched from here:

    If anybody would like to try, commit or feedback, I would be happy.

    Best wishes

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    Mar 2013
    QB is an extension that let you perform computationally intensive tasks in PHP at much higher speed. What it does is take the Zend Engine opcodes in a PHP function, translates them into opcodes for VM that employs static typing (using type information inside doc comment section). The result runs typically around 10 times faster. With operations like matrix multiplication, the gain is even greater. The added power let you do things that you wouldn't even think about doing because it'd be insanely slow in stock PHP.

    The project's main focus is on image manipulation. That's where you often need the high throughput. At the following link you'll find examples of what the extension is capable of:

    Most of the effects shown take less than a quarter of a second to apply. The cool part is that these filters are freely available on the web. They work on the front end too, as they are Flash Pixel Bender shaders. If you click on the "Live Demo" link, on one side you'll see what Flash produces (updated as you move the control). On the other side, you see what QB produces.

    The code is fairly stable at this point. Until people start using it though it's hard to know how bug-free it is. If you're interested in giving it a test drive, here's the link to the installation instructions:

    Any feedback is welcomed.

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    Apr 2013

    Modular Gaming- Open source web game framework

    We are in the process of creating a open source persistent browser based web game (PBBG) framework which will have all the features to get you started and let you start developing your unique features without having to write all the basics. We have taken a modular approach, you can use only the modules you want. If you wanted just a forum you could enable only the core, user and forum modules.

    We are building our framework using Kohana which is an open source, object oriented (H)MVC web framework built using PHP5 by a team of volunteers that aims to be swift, secure, and small. We are using Kohana 3.3 with many modules, including the following:

    1.) ORM is a a powerful Object Relational Mapping (ORM) module that uses the active record pattern and database introspection to determine a model's column information.
    2.) Mustache is a template specification we use for our templates, we use Kostache's implementation.

    You can download our preview release at You can view a demo at If you have any questions, bugs or feature requests feel free to post them on the issue tracker at GitHub.

    Licensed under a BSD license. Modular Gaming can be used legally for any open source, commercial, or personal project.


    Modular Gaming

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    Jun 2013
    What Is OpenNotion?
    OpenNotion is an open source idea collaboration software. It allows people to give feedback, collaborate on ideas and helps you see just what your users want.

    With easy to use features, OpenNotion is perfect to allow your users to come together and give creative and vital feedback for you.

    OpenNotion is developed by The OpenNotion Group.

    What Features Are Included?
    • Voting system
    • Comments system
    • Idea statuses
    • Web-installer
    • User management
    • MVC framework

    What's The Latest Version?
    The latest version of OpenNotion is currently Alpha. This version is intended to gain feedback from users to help us improve for our initial release and to give potential users a sneak peak

    While we do have an alpha available for download, the alpha should not be installed on a production server. A disclaimer is visible when you download the software.

    What Can You Do?
    You can stay up to date by reading our blog or joining our community forums.

    By joining our forums, you can join in the discussion with other members regarding topics based around OpenNotion or just general discussion.

    We are also looking for people who are interested in joining the team. Information regarding that can be found here.

    What's In The Future?
    At this moment, The OpenNotion group is working hard on a beta release. This will include features such as:
    • Usergroups
    • Blowfish password encryption
    • New MVC framework

    Once the beta is released, we expect 1.0.0 to be out within a short period of time

    The OpenNotion Group
    Facebook | Twitter

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    Jun 2005

    AllianceCMS: An open source Social CMS!!!

    We'd like to introduce you to our new project, AllianceCMS!

    IRC: irc://

    AllianceCMS is a Social Content Management System, designed from the ground up to help you create quality, modern Social Networks (no more tacking on social features to an existing, single site system).

    AllianceCMS is still pre-Alpha, but we're making great strides, and it is installable using a browser based installation process.

    We focus on many goals, including helping people create great communities, but we'll focus on technical goals in this post.

    Some of our technical goals are:
    • Make AllianceCMS easy to develop with/for (for both plugin and theme developers)
    • To create a flexible yet powerful system, where it's easy to create simple plugins, while giving you the tools to create complex plugin solutions
    • To create the 'brains' of the system (known as Axis), which is the absolute minimum code needed to load the system, while keeping extended functionality separate, as individual plugins (not everyone want's a blog or forums, so why bother loading them or tying them into the system?)
    • To automate as much as possible. Plugin/theme developers do not need to know which 'Venue' (our term for 'sites/groups/spaces/pages') a user is on. When you create a plugin/theme, the API makes it seem like you are developing for a single site while the back end (known as Axis) takes care of loading/saving data specific to the 'Venue' the user is on
    • To follow current best practices by:
      • Following PSR recommendations
      • Sticking to a solid MVC plugin structure
      • Keeping all programming logic outside of the webserver Document Root
      • Using mod_rewrite to create SEO Friendly URLs
      • Using our own custom PSR compliant components when it's the best option, and using modern PSR compliant Framework Components when it's an appropriate fit

    This is an active project, with updates and major improvements made often (almost daily). As we're still working on getting a full Alpha release out the door the current code base is a moving target, so we're not spending a lot of time on documentation at the moment. We'd end up spending half of our time updating the docs if we worked on docs at the same time.

    There are a few articles on the wiki (see the link above) that talk about where we are coming from, explains some AllianceCMS specific terminology, lists some cool features that we have already implemented and plan on expanding, and there's even a 'Creating a Plugin' tutorial so you can see how a plugin is structured! These docs will be updated and added to as often as is prudent, so check back often.

    We are working on clearly documenting the code (using Doxygen Doc Blocks) as we feel that a certain feature is at least at a first rendition that's semi-complete (including usage examples), and we're making an effort to sprinkle the code with up-to-date @todo tags, so most modern IDEs should be able to give you a list of todo items that we are going to be working on.

    This is a work in progress, and things will change as we head towards a full Alpha release, but we're ready to have folks play with AllianceCMS, get their hands dirty, try to break it, and submit bug reports, pull requests and suggestions.

    Our main focus is on communities and the collaboration involved in communities, and not just by using AllianceCMS. We feel that the more hands that dip into an open source project, the better. It's a great experience to get a group of minds together and watch the best idea's float to the top. And we've learned from our own experience that even negative feedback is helpful. How many times has someone said, "Man, this thing stinks, it should do x this way, or why doesn't it do y?". If a project's team can look at that and use it to improve it's code base, you can really get some great results.

    This is a great time to get involved and be heard! Come on by and check out AllianceCMS, we'd love to have you around!

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    Nov 2002
    So this is kind of a cool idea for a thread - I dig it. I've been coding an automotive listing type site - I call it "vLot" for Virtual car Lot. I'll be (finally) releasing the source code on 5.15.14 - it'll be downloadable at midnight Mountain Daylight Time. It actually started out as a project in 2005 and I ended up being able to sell a license to it in 07 and it made me a bit of cash. Now that it's been pretty well dormant on my server for x amount of time, I wanted to share it. It'll be released under the GNU GPL V3 license.

    Feel free to check out the home page : & visit the demo site at - Fee free to critique!

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    Aug 2014
    Hi, I'm new here, but I'd like to share with you a project we've been working on. It's a PHP custom code generator that generates code from UML class diagrams. It's very basic for the moment, but if you could take a look and let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions, that'd be awesome!

    The project can be found here on github :

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