OK I searched, but didn't find the answer
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Thread: OK I searched, but didn't find the answer

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    OK I searched, but didn't find the answer

    Is it possible to use fopen to change the filename once you close it? I have a file that needs to be uploaded daily and once I am done with it each day, I would like the date to be appended to the filename so the next day I don't have to manually rename the previous days file. Boy that sounds confusing just writing it.

    But, is it possible that on fclose the filename has the date appended?

    So say I upload orders.txt and load my page. When I am done, I want the orders.txt to automatically be renamed orders20031911.txt. See where I am going with this?

    Thanks for All your help!


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    There may or may not be.. I did a quick check through the Manual but didnt find anything.. but i did think of a work around.

    After reading orders.txt you could create a newfile called whatever you want with the text of orders.txt and then delete orders.txt using unlink()


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    Why dont you just change the filename of the file when the is uploaded. When you upload a file, info about that file is contained on the $_FILES array. for example you have an input field of type "file" which is named "pcfile". on the $_FILES array

    $_FILES['pcfile'] contains for members

    $_FILES['pcfile']['name'] -> true filename of the file
    $_FILES['pcfile']['tmp_name'] --> path to the tmp file on the server
    The other info you dont need

    when you upload file to a directory on the webroot you need to copy the tmp_file to the directory on the web root or whatever by running

    copy ( $_FILES['pcfile']['tmp_name'], '/path/to/file/'.$_FILES['name'].date("Ydm", time());

    im not really sure of the indexes of the $_FILES['pcfile'] array to be sure make a test php script that contains only the following

    while(list($key, $value) = each($_FILES['pcfile']))
    echo $key.': '.$value;

    this will echo the indexes and the values of those indexes of $_FILES['pcfile'] array

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