What does it take? & Clarification
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Thread: What does it take? & Clarification

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    What does it take? & Clarification

    Just out of curiosity, what does it take to be an admin/mod on this forum? A certain number of posts? A helpful attitude? A funny avatar? A witty personality? Does a form need to be filled out, a post made, or does a current mod just "approach you" and ask if you want to be a mod?

    Also, who owns PHPBuilder.com? Who is it affiliated with? Is there anyone on the board here who is affiliated with/works for PHPBuilder.com?

    Thanks for answering my curious questions!
    Logan K.
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    There's already been a thread on this topic so I'll close this after I reply. The forum is published by JupiterWeb, a division of Jupitermedia, inc. Admins work for the company, mods are selected by the admins based on knowledge of the topic associated with the forums they'd be moderating, as well as temperment, and frequency of visits.
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