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    I don't use libraries because they tend to not teach you anything, so I built my own. I'll probably Release it on my website soon.

    BTW, don't get so carried away with the "hype" and the way people talk about AJAX, how many times do i have to see "oh this new technology called AJAX"... NO--- It's not a technology, it's nothing new except that it now has a name. It use to be done with Iframes, and later with XMLHttpRequest and ActiveXObject, but the fact is, people overrate it. It's nothing other than doing stuff without refreshing the page. So please don't talk and act like as if it's a new language. The fact that the code can't even change from someone elses code by much is the reason why i say it's not that big a subject. I mean I can make a code, and so can 9 other people but basically will be the same exact AJAX code.

    Here are some tutorials (i'll put more up soon):

    AJAX POST Tutorial - POST method
    AJAX GET Tutorial - GET method
    AJAX Form fix - Discusses different form elements
    AJAX htmlentity fix - Discusses the use of htmlentities in the POST/GET strings

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    i think most people are aware its more hype than anything. there are a few cool apps getting around now though.

    anyway, the best, and probably the simplest tutorial ive read was written by the guy who wrote php. rasmus on ajax.

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    You're right thorpe about the ajax being a hype. Some people are even under the impression it's extremely complicated. Sure it is at first, but once you learn the method and idea, there isn't much you can go on after that.

    rasmus on ajax though is way too simple a tutorial, i think. But yeah that is probably the easiest to learn.

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    Don't know where this conversation is going but here is a dynamic pull of data


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    Can be done using ajax with php

    I was having the same problem. But I figured out the way. You can do with jquery .ajax. Just send the value onchange to ajax function and further send the value to fetch the new values from the database and print the response. This link may help


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