Convert Unix Timestamp into MS SQL datetime
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Thread: Convert Unix Timestamp into MS SQL datetime

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    Convert Unix Timestamp into MS SQL datetime

    I'm trying to convert a Unix timestamp in a format to insert into a MS SQL datetime column (2007-05-03 16:38:04.620). Any ideas? I can insert the current datetime with getdate() but I have not been able to find out how to convert a Unix timestamp into the correct format.

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    It's easy. A Unix timestamp is the number of seconds since 01/01/1970. So just add the timestamp number of seconds to that date:
    PHP Code:
    declare @UNIX_TIMESTAMP int
    @UNIX_TIMESTAMP 1178225057
    select  dateadd
    (ss,@UNIX_TIMESTAMP,'01/01/1970') as theDateTime

    select datediff
    (ss'01/01/1970'getdate()) as theTimestamp 

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    If you want to do it via PHP:
    PHP Code:
    $sqlDateTime date('Y-m-d H:i:s'$unixTimeStamp); 
    Then use $sqlDateTime in your SQL:
    PHP Code:
    $sql "INSERT INTO table_name (date_time_column) VALUES ('$sqlDateTime')"
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    Is this MS SQL or MySQL?

    In mysql you have the sql function FROM_UNIXTIME() to do it for you in the query
    PHP Code:
    $sql "INSERT INTO table_name (date_time_column) VALUES (FROM_UNIXTIME($unixTimeStamp))"
    I'm not that up on MS SQL functions but guess there may be an equivalent.

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