On PHPBuilder, LL is not Laura-Lynn
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Thread: On PHPBuilder, LL is not Laura-Lynn

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    On PHPBuilder, LL is not Laura-Lynn

    So, NogDog urged me to tell a little more about myself...

    Name: Eugene Wee
    Age: 22
    Kids names/ages: n/a, as I do not own any young goats.
    Pets types/names: Dog/Benji, Dog/Smiley, Dog/Peaches
    Meaning behind your username: I am (or hope to be) fast and bright. Okay, that was invented after I chose my username.
    Favorite quote: The first shall be the last, and the last, first. (Jesus was describing the LIFO operation of a stack.)
    Most valued possession: excluding family owned possessions, my mobile phone and computers
    Fav type of music: classical
    Favorite movie: Transformers... or perhaps all the movies from Star Wars and LotR.
    Favorite computer game: CivIV
    Favorite computer program: Firefox
    Did OJ do it? Dunno
    Type of car you drive: I do not drive.
    Type of car you really drive (the truth please): A forklift.
    Next vacation: Nothing planned at the moment.
    Unique talent: Confuzzling other people.
    Most embarrassing moment: When I did my big business in my pants because I could not get to the toilet in time.
    Write a sentence that ends with 'about 5 inches.' The length of my Nokia E65 phone after sliding out the keypad is about 5 inches.
    Years in the industry: 6, if you include my early forays.
    Background: I discovered PHP as it was used to implement a community hosting website I used. I then studied 'A' level computing, and now I am a computer science student in my second year.
    Focus of work: No particular focus.
    Which platform do you use: Windows and Linux
    Fav PHP editor/IDE: Notepad++
    What's your favorite PHP function/why? create_function() because it is fun to write one liners even if they are relatively slow, and because Lisp related stuff are cool.
    Tips for the noob: A quote from Stroustrup, actually: "finding the smallest program that demonstrates the error" is a powerful debugging tool.

    Why do you volunteer your time as a moderator? I love to help out, if you didn't notice

    Free for all (anything you'd like to say): I am currently eating mooncakes. Take out your lanterns and celebrate!

    P.S.: I have a friend named Laura-Lynn, and we used to call her "LL". Interestingly, quite a few others have called me "LL" due to my username. hmm...
    Use Bazaar for your version control system
    Read the PHP Spellbook
    Learn How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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