parse filename and contents of textfile
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Thread: parse filename and contents of textfile

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    parse filename and contents of textfile

    hi to all...

    does anybody has an idea of parsing the filename of the textfile and its contents and insert to database..


    format of the filename:
    [date] [code] [time]

    201089 1-111 93300.txt

    contents of the text file:

    12345 John Robinson
    54321 Robert svenson

    the table where the information should be inserted has this
    fields.. name of table: logs

    [ID] [name] [date] [code] [time]

    say for example the parsing is should look like this.

    [ID] [name] [date] [code] [time]

    12345 John Robinson 2010-8-9 1-111 9:33:00
    54321 Robert Svenson 2010-8-9 1-111 9:33:000

    how can i do that??
    can somebody help me?


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    Well first you you will want to read up on the filesystem's in the manual

    The functions you will want to look at are basename and pathinfo for retrieving the files name. And you will likely want to use file to parse a files rows into an array.

    And then for both the file name and file rows you will need to use explode, to get the various parts separated out.
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