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Thread: PHP import CSV and skip headers

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    PHP import CSV and skip headers

    Hi I am writing a file import script for CSV files. I have an option where the user selects whether the file contains headers or not. In case the file does contain headers ($headers == 1), I want the script to skip the first line of the CSV file.

    I was wondering what's the best way to do this, I came up with the following code which works, but I suspect there is a better way to do it:

    							$no_of_clients = 0;
    							while ( ($data = fgetcsv($handle, '', ',') ) !== FALSE ) {
    								if  ( ($counter == 0) && ($headers == 1) ) { } 
    								else {
    									$business_name = trim($data[0]);
    									$name = trim($data[1]);
    									$surname = trim($data[2]);			
    									$comments = trim($data[3]);
    									$email = trim($data[4]);
    									$telephone = trim($data[5]);				
    									$address = trim($data[6]);
    									$vatno = trim($data[7]);			
    									$date_joined = trim($data[8]);			  
    									$active = trim($data[9]);									
    									$db->query("INSERT INTO clients (client_id, business_name, name, 
    												surname, comments, email, address, vatno, date_joined, active)".
    												"VALUES (NULL, '$business_name', '$name', '$surname', '$comments', '$email', '$address',
    												 '$vatno',"."'$date_joined', '$active') ");	

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    Goodness gracious ... what are your tabs set at? 85?
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    That's certainly one way of doing it, hard to say if there is a "better" way. Since you are reading line by line and not the entire file into a variable, you pretty much have to have the counter like you have. The only improvement I can see, other then the tabs , is to build your if statement in such a way that you don't have an empty code block.

    PHP Code:
    if($headers == && $counter != 0){
    //process logic

    other methods I've seen are to read the complete file into a string, then using unset to get rid of the first entry. Something like...
    PHP Code:
    $data file_get_contents($file_path);
    $lines explode("\n"$data);


    $lines as $line){

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    Use the fileImporter class here:

    It took the headaches out of my CSV imports.

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    You don't really need a counter:
    PHP Code:
    if($headers == 1) {
    fgets($handle); // read and ignore the first line
    while( (
    $data fgetcsv($handle''',') ) !== FALSE ) {
    // etc.

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