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    Feedback FAQ

    I've posted but nothing has shown up! Why?
    When you posted you would have been presented with an extra screen. Did you read it? If it flashed by too fast, this is what it said:

    Thank you for posting!
    Please do not re-enter your post, it will appear.

    What this message means: Your post has been received, thank you. It may not appear immediately.
    What you need to do: Do not re-enter your post.

    Kind of obvious, but you'd be amazed... I think the two-second refresh delay must be too short.

    Why? Well, PHPBuilder has a very intelligent anti-spam filter - it's so smart it's considered sentient and big chunks of it even have the vote. The upside is a fairly good handle on blocking spam, but the downside is that it can take a while to run.

    It is possible that it won't appear at all. That would mean your post looked so much like spam that it got filtered out. If your post hasn't appeared after a full day - and it wasn't spam or some other violation of PHPBuilder's Acceptable Use Policy - then you'll need to ask yourself why it didn't get through the filter, and rewrite your post.

    How can I edit my posts?
    If your post doesn't have an [✎ Edit Post] button on it, then editing is currently disabled. Some features are disabled for new members, and you need a certain post count before they're unlocked. Also, once a post reaches a certain age, it's no longer editable.
    Once again, it's an anti-spam measure, and the reason for some of the vagueness in the details is to avoid giving spammers too much information they could use to game the system.
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