Hi all,

This is my first post here. I read through the forum rules as carefully as I could, but if I am breaking any, please let me know and I will fix my mistakes.

About us:
Dom & Tom, Inc is a Web and Mobile (iOS, Android, Blackberry) development studio. We are a small company that values good work and good people above all else. Our culture is very demanding, sometimes chaotic, and definitely fun. We are growing quickly and are always striving to do more and to be better. Passion to become a better person and a better developer are a MUST. Please visit www.domandtom.com to learn more about us, and to see some samples of our work.


Experienced PHP and MySQL Developer

What we are looking for:

- A FULL-TIME developer who will work onsite at our office in downtown Chicago. NO FREELANCERS, please!

- An experienced (4-6 years minimum) back-end web developer with a strong background in PHP, MySQL.

- Proficiencies with jQuery and JavaScript are a plus.

- Experience working with medium- sized projects from start to finish.

- Ability to lead a team of 2-5 developers and junior developers.

- A sense of humor, and open mind, and a desire to love your work and make a real difference at our company.

Your key responsibilities:

- Code all server-side elements on web projects of varying sizes, using primarily PHP and MySQL.

- Coordinate your team to develop the front-end elements on web projects, using primarily HTML, CSS, and CMSís such as WordPress and Drupal.

- Interact directly with many different clients, including Enterprise level clients.

- Explain technical issues using non-technical language.

- Work with team members and clients to develop project scope and generate time estimates.

- Perform Quality Assurance of your code, and review and assess your teamís code.

- Manage deployment of websites and website changes.

- Work on-site with one of the managing partners who is our current Head of Web Development.

If you are interested, please contact me: tim AT domandtom DOT com