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    newbie help


    Just started creating my first dynamic site for a uni project.

    right now i've just got my registration/ login system sorted.

    when you navigate to my site, the index.php has a query asking whether a user session is active, if not it loads the login page, if there is it loads the homepage.

    at the moment, im using the include''; function. my question is does this just load the file within the current page? because i want to have a way of completely loading the new file/page, but I dont know the syntax for this?

    so currently i have:

    if(strcmp($_SESSION['uid'],"") == 0){
    //no user session, so go to startpage where the login/ register form is

    this works but i think its loading the new files within the index.php which I dont want


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    Includes will result in all code from the included file to be inserted at the point where you "include" them.

    So is a.php has:

    echo "aaaa";

    Then b.php:
    PHP Code:

    echo "page b. Referring to a:";

    wil result in:

    page b. Referring to a:aaaa

    I think you would want to user the header funtion instead.

    As an afterthought.. Why did you not post this in the newbies forum?
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    Thanks! i managed to get part of the system working using the header(); function, as well as the ob_start(); and ob_flush();.

    so so far my index.php redirects to either the start/login page if user not logged in or the home page if they are

    however, when a user logs in sing the form, I cant get my login.php that the form uses to redirect using this method?

    I think its probably an error in my script, could somebody take a look?

    PHP Code:
    //allow sessions to be passed so we can see if the user is logged in

    //connect to the database so we can check, edit, or insert data to our users table
    $con mysql_connect('STUFF HERE THAT YOURE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE :P') or die(mysql_error());
    $db mysql_select_db('MORE CENSORED STUFF'$con) or die(mysql_error());
    //include out functions file giving us access to the protect() function made earlier
    include "./functions.php";
    //If the user has submitted the form
    //protect the posted value then store them to variables
    $username protect($_POST['username']);
    $password protect($_POST['password']);
    //Check if the username or password boxes were not filled in
    if(!$username || !$password){
    //if not display an error message
    echo "<center>You need to fill in a <b>Username</b> and a <b>Password</b>!</center>";
    //if the were continue checking
                    //select all rows from the table where the username matches the one entered by the user
    $res mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `username` = '".$username."'");
    $num mysql_num_rows($res);
    //check if there was not a match
    if($num == 0){
    //if not display an error message
    echo "<center>The <b>Username</b> you supplied does not exist!</center>";
    //if there was a match continue checking
                        //select all rows where the username and password match the ones submitted by the user
    $res mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `username` = '".$username."' AND `password` = '".$password."'");
    $num mysql_num_rows($res);
    //check if there was not a match
    if($num == 0){
    //if not display error message
    echo "<center>The <b>Password</b> you supplied does not match the one for that username!</center>";
    //if there was continue checking
                            //split all fields fom the correct row into an associative array
    $row mysql_fetch_assoc($res);
    //check to see if the user has not activated their account yet
    if($row['active'] != 1){
    //if not display error message
    echo "<center>You have not yet <b>Activated</b> your account!</center>";
    //if they have log them in
                                //set the login session storing there id - we use this to see if they are logged in or not
    $_SESSION['uid'] = $row['id'];
    //show message
    header('location: home.php');ob_end_flush();}}}}}?>
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