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    PHP Enterprise development

    Hi folks,

    I get used to make development aspx but nowadays fed up with aspx and wanna start php but tons of frameworks there such as zend, sencha, ignitor.

    I am little bit confused with all those things where do I need to start to learn how to develop enterprise wide projects. I mean what you are using for your interface, data access layer, bussiness layer. Besides, some of my friends talk about called oop php could you enlighten me, so I can make the right start and sooner or later can come back and help others.

    Thanks for helping in advance

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    8,505 has excellent basic resources. The manual is handy.

    As for the other: has some good links to read.

    I'm not sure we're large enough to be classed as "enterprise". Our RDBMS is MySQL, accessed via John Lim's ADODB. Our business logic and interface are, most likely, considered "classified" (and that's ironic considering what we do) but are based on a commercial PHP product which I'm not really that impressed with, but, then, we're using a older version and have too many "hacks" installed to do any updating with the resources currently available.

    I would suggest that many PHP enterprises have a lot of homegrown stuff; of course, there's Drupal, PHP-nuke, etc., as well.

    Good luck, and welcome to PHPBuilder!
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