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    resolved High-tech Christmas

    We canít imagine our Christmas celebration without modern technologies. But sometimes people don`t want to replace old customs with high-tech innovations.
    this year a lot of Brussels' citizens reacted negatively to the installation of the 82 ft abstract-style tree in the Grand Place instead of a traditional pine tree.
    The citizens drafted the petition for a real Christmas tree and said that they want "respect for their values and traditions". Online petition against the new tree got more than 25,000 signatures. Due to concerns over vandalism during New Year's celebrations it was announced in that the tree would be taken down on 28 December, instead of early January.

    Modern technology has always kept расе with old traditions and customs. But is Christmas becoming too hi-tech, or it is quite natural for modern society?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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    I note that they organised an online petition instead of sticking to a more traditional petition method. Tee hee.
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    On a slightly related note, my company held a "decorate your hallway" holiday competition. The winning holiday was... definitely decked out, if you'll pardon my pun. Being an engineering company, they had even built their custom lights display with multiple strands of lights connecting to a board that used FFTs to control the light strands based on music being played (e.g. one strand would represent high frequiences, another mid range, another low frequencies).

    It was pretty nifty.

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    Must be with the customs of the place. If this has been done in let's say New York, it shouldn't be a big deal.

    I myself prefer a "hi-tech" Christmas

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