Hi all,
got a job up on freelancer at the moment and thought that I would offer to any of you guys who might be interested. If anyone be interested drop me a message.


What I have:
I have a large zend framework application which is comprised of two modules.

What I would like:
A correct and valid series of unit tests integrated with the application.

What you need to do: Implement unit testing on at least 3 controllers and 3 models within both admin and default modules(making a total of 6 controllers and 6 models). This includes full bootstrapping as well as the implementation being fully and coherently documented(in English) and written well.

1) There is a complicated bootstrapping system which might cause issues but if you are experienced with Zend this should not pose a serious issue.
2) You get to choose the controllers/models, a lot of them are very small so its not a massive a job.