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Thread: PLS! Some help

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    PLS! Some help

    I am trying to modify a wordpress pluging, so instead of using some iframe tags, to use file use content.

    Pls Help. Here - the first commented line is how the script used to be (and working), and the second is what I am trying to build...

    Can you pls. advise, or need the whole code?

    thank you

    // iframe tag zusammen bauen

    //$res='<iframe class="wpf-iframe" src="'.plugins_url( 'wp-forecast-show.php?wpfcid='.$id.'&amp;header=1' , __FILE__ );

    $res= file_get_contents ("http://"'wp-forecast-show.php?wpfcid='.$id.'&amp;header=1' , __FILE__ )');

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    error I get is

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/vremea/public_html/ on line 23

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    I'm just guessing that you want something more like this:
    PHP Code:
    $res file_get_contents ("http://") .
    plugins_url('wp-forecast-show.php?wpfcid='.$id.'&amp;header=1' __FILE__); 
    PS: You'll be more likely to get useful responses if (a) you use a thread title that describes your problem, not just that you need help, and (b) make use of this forum's [php]...[/php] bbcode tags when posting your code.

    PPS: Welcome to the forums!
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