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    So i've been coding PHP for several years learning what I need to know along the way, i thought maybe a career change is needed and could I do PHP full time. I've seen some jobs for PHP programmers which pay alright then thought I would need a qualification.

    Could I find somewhere who does PHP courses? No.

    What does one study to be a PHP qualified programmer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NZ_Kiwis View Post
    What does one study to be a PHP qualified programmer?
    What about a 'programmer' in general? There are lots of Computer Science (or Information Science, or any other similar variations) courses that deal in theory and methodology, things that in one way or another can be translated or interpreted regardless of which specific language you're using.

    Beyond that, it might just come down to showing that you've had prolonged exposure/experience working in the specific language(s) mentioned in the job description. That might include preparing a sort of "portfolio" to prove that you did something more than kibitz other programmers/projects.

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    Along the lines of, "It's not what you know, but whom you know," you might want to look for any local PHP, Web, etc. user groups in your area that you could participate in. Not only would you learn things, but you could network with people in the business. An employee referral will help you zip past much of the HR screening process and at least improve your chances of getting an interview by quite a bit. (You still have to show you've got what they need once you get the interview, though ). If no such user groups are available in your area, then look for any related on-line groups that people in your region frequent, and try to make yourself known there (in a good way).
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    There's Zend Certification as well. Not that I've tried it.

    I think my job move was divinely inspired.

    Quote Originally Posted by NogDog
    You still have to show you've got what they need once you get the interview, though
    True dat. I had a laptop, showed them some online work, let them look at source code, etc. Don't forget that many candidates don't pass the "resume" stage ... do a good job on yours
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