Using PHP in a text field... like how Wordpress does
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Thread: Using PHP in a text field... like how Wordpress does

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    Using PHP in a text field... like how Wordpress does

    I have no idea how this is done.

    But, Wordpress and some other scripts use tags like {something}

    inside of a text box... and the {sometime} becomes a PHP variable...

    hope someone knows what I mean here, not really even sure how to ask!

    but hoping to figure out how to do this...
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    PHP Code:
    $text 'Why hello there {name}, how are you today?';
    $name 'Brad';

    $text str_replace('{name}'$name$text);
    $text// Why hello there Brad, how are you today? 
    Or were you looking for something more generic? If so, you could do a preg_match_all() to find all occurrences of {something} (where 'something' looks like whatever you want, e.g. a valid PHP variable name). You could then walk through the array of matches and use isset() to determine if a PHP variable exists and, if so, str_replace() the placeholder with its value.

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    There are various templating engines out there that use a similar syntax. Probably the most popular is Smarty, which to simply output a PHP variable uses something like:
    <p>Hello, {$username}.</p>
    This is not built-in functionality for PHP -- you would need to download and include Smarty to have it parse such template files.
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