how to check images on if statement?
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Thread: how to check images on if statement?

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    how to check images on if statement?

    Hi guys,

    I need your help, I want to create a filename for the image on the webpage and I also want to out how I can check on the if statement to see if the image on the webpage is exist.

    $image1 = <div id="image1" style="position:absolute; overflow:hidden; left:415px; top:157px; width:114px; height:81px; z-index:0"><img src="/images/tvguide_blue.jpg" alt="" title="" border=0 width=114 height=81></div>

    On the webpage, it display as "$image =". Does anyone know how i can create a function for a filename so I can write something like this:

    if ($image = exist) { 
      // do something
    Does anyone have any idea?

    thanks in advance

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    PHP Code:

    if( file_exists$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/images/tvguide_blue.jpg' ) ){
    // do something

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