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    Timeout redirect

    I need a script (PHP, Javascript, AJAX i'm unsure) that after a selected time has elapsed you are redirected to another page.

    This might be 4 minutes for example?

    Also I want it to do the same thing if you are no longer logged in via a cookie? I guess this new page after 4 minutes could check for a cookie and if not redirect you but I need to know how to redirect after a time frame has elapsed first?

    Any ideas?

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    PHP Code:
    header('Refresh: 240;url=http://yoursite.com/path/to/page'); 
    but note that the 'Refresh' header isn't part of the HTTP standard (unless that's changed recently).

    Otherwise, you could use Javascript's setTimeout() function.

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    Or use both methods, along with a meta tag refresh as well, to cover multiple bases in the hopes that at least one method will work.
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