Joomla: Yes or No?
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Thread: Joomla: Yes or No?

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    Joomla: Yes or No?

    I apologize if this seems like a silly question...

    But is Joomla worth using?

    I have read it works great with PHP sites, but I'm wondering if it has any real value.


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    I've been working with a site based on Joomla and have learned a grudging respect for it. I don't think that I would choose it as a foundation for a website. I'd prefer to use CodeIgniter or something lighter than Joomla. On the other hand, the dev team behind Joomla has been trying hard to make Joomla more like a framework and less like a CMS. Generally speaking, I would not trust most Joomla plugins. It's been my experience that they are kludgey and not particularly secure.
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