Downloading files.
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Thread: Downloading files.

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    Downloading files.

    Does anybody care about this forum any more?

    I am downloading data from a #@!%Aadsf site that consists of 80-90 'csv' files. With Winders 7, a person would click on the 'export' button, then Windoze will ask if the user wants to open or save the files. Then, the OS asks for a location to put the file. All this x 80-90 times. Is there any way to tell Windows to automatically save the file to a certain folder?

    I hate windoze

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    Well for one, you can't use Windows to navigate to a website, much less download a file from one. You'd need a web browser for that. If you have Chrome or Firefox (to name ones I'm familiar with), there are "download manager" browser addons/extensions that would allow you to, for example, download all links on a given page (or within a given selection) to a location of your choosing.

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