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    PHP interview questions

    What're some frequent php interview questions prospects should go into php related job interviews expecting?

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    How long have you been working with PHP? What PHP frameworks do you know? What is your IDE? What is your development environment like?
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    Give some examples of ways to stop SQL injection attacks/errors.

    What is the difference between "extends" and "implements" when defining a class?

    How do you test your code while developing it?

    What is the difference between an inner join and a left join? (Yeah, it's SQL, not PHP, but it almost always goes hand-in-hand with PHP coding.)
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    What are your salary requirements?

    Show us your work.

    We are planning to do a project that ($foo) ... how would you go about creating such a project?
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    When is it appropriate to use the identical === operator instead of the comparison/equals == operator?
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    Or if all else fails - Google-> PHP interview questions

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    Some of the questions would be as:

    1.What's your experience in PHP?
    2.What are you good at in php?
    3.Difference between php and java?
    4.Difference between Class and Interface?
    5.What is MVC?
    6.How PHP session works?
    7.What is polymorphism?

    These are all some of the frequently asked question in php. I'm a newbie here and want to assist people and befriend Glad to meet you!

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    You will see the .You will get some ideas and thoughts.

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