Hello Everybody,

I will fist introduce myself,I`m luwie(theo) from the Netherlands and I`m hosting a pedigree site for Dogs.
De pedigreesoftware is written in PHP and is running on XOOPS.
De pedigree software was made 10 years ago.
My serviceprovider changed the PHP version to 5.3.
When this happend the pedigreesoftware stopped working............
After a lot off searching we found out what the problem was.
Most off the pedigreesoftware is now running again,but I think there are still some problems.

I`m now doing a lot off reading about PHP and MySQL ,so I will understand more.

There is one part off the pedigreesoftware that is not working.
It`s the module PHPthumbs,it should rezise the uploaded images.
The uploading still works,but the PHPthumb part does not work anymore.

I have looked in the old meggages and saw that there is a new version off PHPthumb that was made for PHP 5.3.
So I copyed this version but it still does not work.
So now i,m a bit lost...........

Are there people here that could take a look at the PHP code?

I have a testsite running now where I can "play" around.

Hope somebody can have a look.

Email: luwie123@hotmail.com

Greetings Theo