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Thread: My debugger class

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    My debugger class


    This is my first shot at design of debugger class. It is designed to let me:
    • watch variables
    • benchmark a function or method
    • check time & memory consumption for (part of) code
    • show information about script and PHP (eg. list of classes, functions, traits or PHP settings)
    • export all information about PHP script to file

    This code i publish under the terms of GPL v3: Unfortunately it is too long to attach it to this post.
    Please take a look at this code and let me know what problems do you see. I would appreciate any comments and constructive criticism.

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    You might have more luck if you were to post the code here on the forum -- our link to a more widely known site than "", whatever the heck that is.
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    maybe a demo, or some example usage, as well? a description besides the docblocks?

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