Vesperia Group is looking for talents !
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Thread: Vesperia Group is looking for talents !

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    Vesperia Group is looking for talents !

    Who are we ?
    We are a PHP centric consulting company, based in Luxembourg and France, providing five strategic services : auditing, training, coaching, technical project management, software delivery (inhouse software factory, and outplacement), and web-agency services.
    Our team consists of highly skilled and mostly certified PHP professionals. We operate on short to long term missions in Europe.
    We are an official Zend Partner and the biggest team of Zend Certified Engineers in Luxembourg.
    We are looking for PHP/ZF Jedi Master to meet requirements for our growing business. For further information, go to

    Want to join our awesome & highly skilled team of engineers and work together on exciting & interesting projects ?
    Take our online test here

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    Can I apply here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by faizan300 View Post
    Can I apply here?
    Hello Faizan300, you can apply on our website or by taking our online test :

    Thank you and good luck !

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