Im in the same boat i only just like a few days ago started getting serious with php , hence i joined the forum , i started with laravel and while i love dreamwever , its nothing when compared to phpstorm and atom or sublime with regards to php. I wish they would integrate something that would make it more php friendly , but after using sublime ( this is the only one ive used sofar) i realised that that isnt their (dreamweavers )only problem. Dreamweaver is actually slow too. Especially is you use it with something like xammp.

Its hard to let go , i myself have done alot on dreamweaver its where i learned coding, but the lanscape of this industry changes often and as an ide dreamweaver has failed to keep up really.

On the adobe forums ive searched but it seems they have no real plans to change things anytime soon.

Anyway op just my opinion as a front end designer starting php.