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Well, thanks ...

I've considered it and would like to, actually, but I'm a tad gun shy --- I don't know if I'm a great fit, or even when I'm going to have time to update the online resume or do anything else. An 8-9 hour day (without the extra ~2 hours to commute to/from the office) would be really nice, and the salary would probably be a good upgrade for us.

I know my brother has advised me to get a new position and my wife would like to have me working from home (she works away from the house 3 days/week, so I wouldn't be distracted except maybe Monday and Friday, and I *think* she could keep herself busy with plenty of other projects during work hours)
Yes, working from home is amazing. I get so much less distracted than at the office.

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And then there's the "all the things" requirements. I've got 6+ years here, plus the consultancy and "web work" I did in the 00's in PHP/JS, but I'm kind of afraid I'd be seen as a "cowboy" as I've not worked with much in the way of MVC, MariaDB, Looker, Pentaho, Chef/Puppet/Jenkins/Razor, AWS, etc. OR *teams* (actually, I've really longed to have someone with some understanding of code respond to me in the company bug tracker ....)

I've had a brief intro to Swift (iOS) but would be a total noob at it (we've done all the mobile work here in HTML/JS), and I use VirtualBox instead of VMWare (although I'm on their mailing list), Mantis instead of JIRA, and Git without Github or Bitbucket (although I do have a Github account). I haven't done much OAUTH; I do have experience with a couple Google API's and some FaceBook API stuff also.

I can write English and SOW and stuff like nobody's business, but that's a skill anyone with a degree and a GPA of 2.75+ ought to be able to do (mine was 3.5+, so no issues there).

Just kind of seems that for everything you want, I'm just a few inches off the mark.
Sounds like you would be a good fit to me. The thing I learned in looking for a position, is every posting has 100 things, as long as you can learn and are familiar with a dozen things you can make it. For example: Git is git, whether with GitHub or Bitbucket or a private server. The advantage of those, is cloud based web accessible diffs and easier to use pull request management. As for me, you know the kind of skill I have on the boards - but if I looked at this job posting, in reality I don't have experience with quite a few of the things at all, others I'm extremely proficient but I still applied and now I work here. In the end the goal of the company is to get bright, talented individuals who know enough to get going and do something but can learn everything that's necessary.

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I noted that actually you have several IT openings. Is this due to expansion, or was there a mass exodus?
Expansion. Currently, for example, we have a C level doing devops works - so they'd like to hire someone full time to do that. Also, we're just creating a US based dev team. Currently, I'm only dev in US, the rest are in Ukraine. They are good devs, doing good work and they won't be going anywhere, we just want MORE devs that do MORE good work and have US hours. AFAIK there has been no mass exodus of any kind.

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Is the company well-established and liable to be there for many years, in your opinion?
I think it will be here for a very long time, and its a company whose software serves a good purpose as opposed to just being a money grab (if ya know what I mean). So the people here really have their heart into, because its really about doing good things. Just makes getting along easier (at least for me). I really do like the people I work with, and hope you change your mind about applying!