I had created a course in PowerPoint, manipulated it Articulator Presenter 09 and it works fine. However, I need to publish it for iPhones, iPads and iWhatevers. Presenter 09 does not publish it for mobile devices. Presenter 13 and Presenter 360 (these are newer versions) do. However, Articulator left out one for me most important feature: the "Play" starts to flash blue in Pres. 09 when the audio for a given slide has finished, letting the student know that he can proceed. In Pres. 13 and Pres.360 Articulator displays a "NEXT" button. When you click on it, nothing happens. Not until the audio has finished for a given slide.

This creates an unfortunate illusion that one can move forward and yet, one cannot. This also creates a lot of aggravation for the student. So, I am trying to figure out how I can control an object in PowerPoint, let's say an "arrow", to appear, disappear or change color with PHP.

On the other hand, does anybody know of a course builder similar to Articulator?