Why I don't like SO and affiliates
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Thread: Why I don't like SO and affiliates

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    Why I don't like SO and affiliates

    I am going to state blankly I don't like Stack overflow and it's affiliates, why? Now I posted this question on the meta section not so long ago

    So I just "found" Mars, as a complete armature with a 50 mm scope what should my next target be? Keep in mind I just started using a telescope
    -8 votes, now fair enough that's the meta section and before sneakyimp(yes you're rather honest) says anything, my complaint is at time you can post a perfectly legitimate question just to be berated by ten year veterans, for the most part I see things as Boolean it's true or false, never the less I think the stack overflow lot have become so obsessed with the minutiae of a question and focus on the grammatical structure so much they really forget it's just some armature sitting behind a keyboard trying their best

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    I kind of understand. Their insistence that they are the One True Source (and therefore there should only be One True Answer per One True Subject) is a bit of hoity-toityness I could do without and stands in stark contrast to this forum.

    But they've got a lot of power right now, job listings, and free CV-type stuff, so they're probably not going away anytime soon.

    I really think Tim Perdue, God rest his soul, would've been a better leader then Joel Spolsky for a programming community. But one cannot choose when he will leave unvoluntarily ....
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