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    Member Permissions

    I have a member table


    I now want to give users different permissions. All members will not receive the ability to post in my forum etc But I want some to be able to post news, others updates some both othes I want to be able to edit members etc there's about 8 different functions so far I can think of and all members will may have different combination.

    How can I set this up?

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    There are various ways of approaching this, depending on your exact requirements. For example, you could create a table of functionalities that require access control, e.g.,
    id | name
     1 | news
     2 | members
     3 | forum
    and then create a join table for the permissions granted, e.g.,
    member_id | functionality_id | access
            1 |                1 |      1 (member #1 can read the news)
            2 |                1 |      2 (member #2 can read and update the news)
            2 |                2 |      2 (member #2 can read and update the member list)
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