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Thread: 'Tags' on an object

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    'Tags' on an object

    I'm looking at a file upload script at the moment.

    I want 2 options that'll operate in the same way, I want it to link to multiple people. So for example

    My Photos database will have a row, PhotoID, PhotoURL etc etc.

    I have a people table, I want to link unlimited number of ID's to this photo. What is the best way?

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    Add a people-to-photo table, where the 2 columns are the primary keys of the two related tables. You might end up with a query something like this:
      GROUP_CONCAT(user.name) AS tagged_users
    FROM photo
    LEFT JOIN user_to_photo AS u2p ON u2p.photo_id = photo.id
    LEFT JOIN user ON u2p.user_id = user.id
    WHERE photo.id = 123;
    GROUP BY photo.path, photo.title -- might not need this line in MySQL?
    tagged_users will then be a comma-separated list of user names.
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